OrFA’s Vietnam Adviser, Mr. Cong Thang Huynh, featured in Kham Pha (HCMC News Outlet)

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OrFA’s Vietnam Adviser, Mr. Cong Thang Huynh, featured in Kham Pha (HCMC News Outlet)

Recently OrFA’s adviser, Mr. Cong Thang Huynh, was interviewed by Kham Pha, an online news outlet in Ho Chi Minh City, regarding his success as an entrepreneur. We have translated the article so our supporters can read about his amazing story.

“Come Back From Failure” (published on July 28, 2016)

Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Economics with a Foreign Trade major, Thang first started his career with a state company. Not long after that, he co-founded a start up with his friend. The first lesson started here when his friend left him a big debt and ran away. He was frustrated and avoided all relationships. However, his passion with business reenergized him and got him back on his feet.

Shortly after this incident, Thang co-founded Fablab Saigon which is an incubator for business ideas. He thinks the young generation needs a place where they can experiment their ideas and creativity. They can fail but in remain in a supportive environment. Fablab is a space where entrepreneurs can share lessons and most importantly avoid mistakes of other entrepreneurs like Thang. Fablab Saigon has brought many ideas to fruition. One of the most significant ideas is to use robots to clean glass windows es to help share the burden of many housekeepers.

Moving forward, Thang co-founded GetSpaces which is also a project where Fablab Saigon can identify and rent location for events and meetings. GetSpaces helps people save time, effort and money. Until now GetSpaces has expanded to over 200 locations in Ho Chi Minh City including hotel, office, restaurants, coffee shops, cooperative working spaces.

Thang realizes that giving back to the younger generation is his passion and goal. Becoming an advisor for OrFA (Orphans’ Futures Alliance) is to fulfill that purpose. OrFA is non-profit organization established in New York with goals to provide education to orphans in impoverished Southeast Asian countries. He’s also an advisor for Step Forward Exchange, a non-profit organization based in Adelaide, Australia and Vinh Long, Vietnam with goals to fundraise and improve the lives of families in rural Vietnam. His start-up success and charitable work have brought Thang to be a representative of the Vietnamese Start-Up community to meet with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and President Obama during their recent visits to Vietnam.

Author: Han Vo