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Vietnam Trip

In December 2013 OrFA’s founders Thai-Anh and Chau traveled to Vietnam to hold a series of meetings with fellow NGO’s and government officials to further OrFA’s on the ground efforts in Vietnam. These meetings mark a very exciting time for OrFA as our organization worked to develop important contacts. Connecting with other NGO’s who have experiencing in not only working with Vietnam’s children but have experience with working within Vietnam’s governmental structure will help OrFA become a stronger force in Vietnam.

In addition to meeting with several NGO’s Thai-Anh and Chau met with governmental officials from PACCOM. This agency is responsible for assisting OrFA in its official NGO designation in Vietnam. Being recognized in as an NGO will allow us to begin fundraising and putting more money and time into Vietnam’s orphanages. As of the end of January OrFA is just a few signatures away from having our official designation as an NGO.

This is a very exciting time for OrFA! We look forward to all the opportunities that 2014 will bring to us as an organization and all those that we will be able to help. As we move forward this year we will continue to keep all of you updated on all the happenings with OrFA.