OrFA’s 2012 Holiday Party

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OrFA’s 2012 Holiday Party

Our holiday party at Bon Chon was a celebration of OrFA 2012 milestones and a chance to meet new friends of OrFA.  We packed the venue with a great turnout of about 50 people.  The party’s jovial vibe was palpable as everyone buzzed around the room, meeting, greeting and learning about new and current friends of OrFA.  We played a social Bingo game where each square contained a question for players to find someone in the room who fits the question without using the same person twice.  Delicious Bon Chon chicken and appetizers were served, along with a custom OrFA lychee cocktail!

The party reflected the passion and dedication to the mission while also reinforcing the founders’ mission to run the organization like a grassroots start-up = fun, exciting and enriching for participants.


AMEX Gift Cards sponsored by Capstone Advisory Group and by OrFA

Chef Jason Zukas, two time champion of Food Network’s Chopped donated two gift certificates to his restaurant Tazzina

Thank you to the generosity of their time, effort and donations of all our supporters, volunteers and board members!  We look forward to more collaborations and growth in 2013 to create even more aid for our Orphans’ Futures.